Your Closest Branch to Every Customer

Salma provides a digital branch solution that delivers digital transformation for the retail banking sector. Salma is the first Arabic AI-powered personal assistant specialized in empowering retail banking, by reshaping the communication between banks and their customers.

An Omnichannel Vision

Salma provides a one of a kind Arabic AI-powered digital branch experience. Salma is built on technologies developed by the Mawdoo3 artificial intelligence team to fundamentally transform the customer experience by enabling frictionless, 24/7 customer interactions across a variety of channels.

Meet Salma

Salma Banking is a product developed by Mawdoo3 AI technology. Salma empowers financial institutions to accelerate their digital transformation journey and add value in a fast-moving digital Arab-speaking world. Based in Amman - Jordan, a team of dedicated AI specialists, business professionals, and Arabic language experts work together to develop this top-notch technology and deliver a seamless digital customer experience.

Your Banking Needs, Anytime, Anywhere


88% of customers’ bank interactions will happen through smartphones by 2022

90% of banking interactions will take place via chatbots by 2022

2 times a year a customer is expected to visit their bank branch by 2022

80:1 of transactions are done via mobile app VS via physical branch

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Journey with Salma

The majority of traffic on banking communication channels are FAQs. Let Salma handle them for you

Get responses to frequently asked questions about the bank's operations and services. With Salma, finding the nearest retail branches and ATMs has never been easier. ​

Complete bill payments for utilities, telecommunication and others

Why have your customers wait in line? Salma can transfer funds to a person, organization, or between your accounts

Complete payments to beneficiaries within the same bank or individuals and organizations in other banks.

 Make payments and transfers between your bank’s accounts.

Allow your customers to start their banking journey online with Salma

Salma can help your customers manage their different cards easily

Check balances on checking, saving, and other accounts as well as credit cards details such as available credit, minimum payment, and credit limit.

Request a routing number for an account, including routing or swift numbers for domestic or international wire transfers.

Salma can guide your customers through financial advice and spending alerts

Notify when spending is over a specific amount for a category or merchant, or a balance is low in a deposit account.

Engage with your customers and let Salma notify them of the latest promotions and recommendations

Receive personalized, and proactive recommendations and offers for your bank’s products and services.​

Apply for different types of accounts and submit as completed for approval or as lead generation for follow up with bank personnel.

Receive relevant merchant offers based on eligibility, location, and other variables.

Make your customers dreams come true easier and faster than ever

Make online banking more secure by completing authentication process in a seamless way

Make sure your customers have the support they need, through the channel they use

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